Hanging out with Whims

Hanging out with Fi

We started out with the intention of buying a statue to put our intan dance ball in. But as always when you set out exploring with Whims, you end up doing something completely different!




Whims from above

We found to our happy surprise that the statue exhibition Whims found was the Ocho tango sim that has had a big makeover. The open space wilderness has partly been replaced by a shallow water showing the art of the fantastically talented Mistero Hifeng, who makes incredible and tasteful statues.

Whims managed to capture some of them here:

Statues _011

Statues _007Statues _004

We strongly recommend you to do like Whims: Use the region wind light which is carefully chosen to make the most of the statues, and it also changes as you move around the sim to give you different atmospheres.

The sim is dedicated to tango and the old dance hall, or “milonga” is still there in the middle of beautiful grassy environments, and the radio still plays wonderful tango hits from different times. The place is very romantic and full of nice cuddles. A couple of friends celebrated their wedding here, a quiet ceremony only for themselves. So take your beloved or a new hot date for a exploring tour in this beautiful place, you will not be disappointed and you will have plenty of “talk pieces” if you need some help with your convo:)

Mistero Hifengs sculptures can also be seen at the LEA29 sim.

Whimsically naked

Exciting day!

Today is the grand opening of Whims’ show at The living room, a wonderful venue that opened not long ago and run by our friends Owl and Daallee at the Lagrange sim.

Psst, don’t tell her, but she’s already been written about here: Whimsically naked at the Living room

Please come have a look at the pictures here.

If you want to join us for the opening party you need to hurry up, it starts at noon SL time and we will listen to the lovely music of Lazarus Doghouse while we mingle and admire Whims’ beautiful art.

Lots or luuuurve/Fiona

So the big question of the day is…..

What music is sexy?
I was asked to DJ at the orgy in Commune Utopia recently, so I had to give this a really good thought. How should I bring people to the boil and work them up to a lusty, frisky mood? I ran to ask my beloved of course…

Fiona: Whims! What music would you say is sexy?

Whims: Are we talking Va Va Voom sexy with a feather boa, or are we talking sexy like when you walk in the room and I nearly faint?

Fiona: Va Va Voom sexy for an orgy!

Whims: Well I’m not sure how others will see it – what about a pretty piano piece that sort of builds and then another instrument, like a Violin Cello sort of entwines around the piano and, and then you almost feel them like lovers in arms…? Thats so sexy!

Fiona: Weeeelll….*shakes her head*… its a sort of group thing Whims, ummm.. it might need a little more ommph power to get things rolling! We can’t have them hesitate! We need to let them find their root chakra and work from their pelvises!

Whims : from the pelvis.. imagines penises swinging.. so swing music…..

Fiona: *giggles vaguely amused*

Whims: Ohh! So like, all tangly and arms and legs poking out everywhere and making odd noises?

Fiona: ummm something like that, yes.

Whims: So, like if you had one of those German guys wearing knickerbockers and a funny hat, with cymbols on his knees and a big drum and playing a mouth harp… sort of Oompha! Pa! Oompha! Pa! Like that….?

Fiona: … *blinks* …


So I went to the Commune to ask a few others what they thought:

What is sexy music?

Luckily I found Yoru, the Queen of Commune orgies herself and Pross a new member of the commune that gave me some suggestions.

Pross dived in to the area very seriously and gave me this wonderfully intimate and sexy tip. After that I lost her when she moved on and gave me HUNDREDS of links, me and Whims will be occupied for years trying them out. (Oh the thought of that…)

Yoru on the other hand very kindly praised me for my music taste telling she loves my sultry style, so I decided: Enough! I’ll find this on my own!

So here is what I finally came up with after consulting my own feeling and after thinking about what music people has been commenting on when I have played:


Herbie Hancock: Watermelon man, from the album “Jazz inspiration”

Entrée (finger food):
Fatima Al Qadiri: “Desert strike” (the whole album since it’s short)

Main course:
Tracks from Parov Stelar’s album “The art of sampling”
(I choose the tracks with deep bass and that didn’t have so much “old fashion swing” about them.)
Pursuit Grooves: Fragile and Shouldn’t be here from the album “Leaping desire”

Fever Ray: When I grow up, Triangle walks, Concrete walls from the album “When I grow up” and “Fever Ray”

Cuddle liquor:
k.d.Lang: Calling all angels (duet with Jane Siberry), Hallelujah, Crying (duet with Roy Orbison) and Helpless all from the album “Recollection”

I am DJ Fiona

…and I just loooove it!

It’s a blast and a joy to see all cute avatars bounce around to the music I have chosen and I am always aware of the fact that I am playing music for people from all over the world! I’m still fascinated by this fact. And the best is of course to get responses from the audience! My favourite response is ”Oh, I love this tune, it makes me think of this artist, have you heard her/him?” I have got so many new music tips and heard so much new and wonderful music since I started visiting SL. Musical exchange is one of the best things in my SL life.


A music program should have a nice structure I believe. I love to listen to lots of music and see how and in which order I should put them together to create a nice dynamic ”curve” over a couple of hours. It’s about kicking people off and then help them to get back together after a ride in a new music landscape. Hopefully one they haven’t been to before, I like to surprise and challenge! And hopefully they would like to return and listen again, that’s my vision with every session I do.


Last night I played at the Commune Utopia and here are a couple of the bands I played:

Looking for more interesting music outside the mainstream? Try this link that I found on Sunvibes website:


Lots of luuurve/Your Fiona