Opposites attract!

“We should dooooo something!” Whims called out to me the other day as we lay lazily cuddling after a nice meal in the shadow of a tree in our new garden. “I feel like moving!” She jumped up and started rummaging around in her vast inventory. Cushions, sports equipment and clothing swirling around all over our newly cleaned place. ¬†My brain got into “alarm alert mode” in an instant as I knew what a bad omen the sight of Whims throwing stuff around could be.

“Oh, Whims, pleeeease” I groaned. “My belly is full and I can’t move even if I got paid doing it!”

Too late… Here she was, standing in front of me with a pair of rackets in her hands. Her head tilted in her most convincing spaniel pose and her glittering eyes begging me to follow. Who was I to resist? Would it help to give her a lecture about how it would be beneath my hippie soul to engage in a game clearly associated with upper class, good behavior and a set of rules the length of a Woodstock playlist??? Probably not. And my food coma had never been a problem for her to pursue me in all kinds of acrobatic activities before… ūüėČ So my last hope was to try to convince her in the language I knew she knew:

“Whims, I have nothing to wear that will be suitable in a tennis court!”

She looked baffled, but only for a second, and I knew my case was lost:
“Oh please honey, you only need a pair of shorts and a top!”

So here we are! In our best shorts and tops!

Tennis Fashion

“Whenever you’re ready darling ¬†… “


Fiona wears:

Top and shorts from YELIZ

Hair from No.match

Boots from Maitreya 

Whims wears:

Top:   Sleeveless Shirt Lace White  from Baiastice

Shorts: High Waist Shorts / Kelly white  from Mimikri 

Sneakers: Maitreya Low Sneakers Р013  (size 37) from Maitreya

Tennis Rackets from   Craufo