Sim hoping

Sometimes we do plan vigorously! We think about appearances and we plan where to go.

Other days Whims hasn’t even got out of her dressing-gown! But that doesn’t matter, in SL we all look stunning anyway! These few shots came up after a bloke had tried to take Whims’ picture but gave up. And I was amazed how easy it was to fix a problem I’d had with my viewer for AGES! I simply took my maitreya HUD off and *voila* I saw the whole world in clear focus! So I made the pictures for the blog, and Whims put her wonderful picture of me in a boat here.

The sim is called Duet and is a wonderful sim full of nice little spots made for photography. Here is a taxi. To all of you that recognises this concept of a place dedicated to photography we can confirm that yes, it is the former owner of Fotoscope, Korgi Lerwick, that is the co-owner of this place together with his SL partner Jules Phelan. Well worth a visit we thought!!





The Last Unicorn

After Fiona and I explored Invictus,  we looked around at the other LEA sims in the surrounding area.  One that was interesting was (we forget its name,  so lets agree to call it the last unicorn”)  which is a Sim that offers a HUD tied in with an experience,  so that it tells you the story in chat as you walk around. It also lets you ‘collect’ stuff in the HUD.

Admission up front (seems to be the season for admissions)  – we really sucked at managing the HUDs,  but we had fun there anyway.

The sim has lots of areas to explore, and features beasts such as Minotaur, Unicorn and (my favourite) Puss in boots.  Here are a couple of pics we took on our way.

The Unicorn appears and disappears as you walk around, which is a cute thing.




Puss is in an interior room – there are some beautiful details in this sim.


Now, here is a thing,  Fiona suggested we should let you know who made this amazing sim,  so (as we had forgotten to look before)  we ran back to see.

And it turned out to be someone I have known previously in second life – many moons ago – and its so cool to see what old friends do when you take your eye off them!

The artists Name is the awesomely creative Subversive Vavoom  (SubV!).



Whims & Fiona




Admission and exploring

We’ve been baaaad…. RL has caught us and we’ve been busy with “other stuff”.  Whims has done her lovely art as usual! (Check it out here). And me I’ve been, Ive been erhm… *scratches head*, oh never mind. We’re back! And that’s what is important!

A nice way to do exploring is “You first and then me”. So we did that and Whims started out by showing me one of the sims she’s been doing some cool pics in and I was astounded by the fantastic creativity and interpretation of a poem that we truly enjoyed! The sim is called “Invictus” and for all of you, more literary schooled than us, it’s a familiar title of a poem by William Earnest Henley. (Oh I can without shame blame my scandinavian upbringing, I had enough work keeping up with OUR classics, but Whims… What can she say poor girl…)


The sim is a castle with lots of interesting nooks and crannies to explore. It’s also fun to go for a row. I let Whims do all the hard work with the oars (nice animations that actually follows how you move with the arrow keys quite well) while I was enjoying the nice view of her cute butt from behind, listening to her steady “oh hey, and ho” while getting her smooth muscles to work. We also decided it’s the perfect place for a Halloween party! (I hope the creator will not get completely invaded on halloween now for us saying this…)

I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves now. Oh, yes! Storm von Hell (storm.septimus) is the wonderful talent that put all this together for us all to enjoy and the sim is easy to find as LEA25 in a search. (Click the pictures to get them bigger (or get a new pair of specs…))


Overview of the sim.

Row your boat

Whims rowing as if her life depended on it….

Fi admires Whims dancing

Fi admiring Whims dancing and planning Halloween party!


Kneel to the Exploring Queen and Princess!

Thank you Storm von Hell for putting this beautiful place together and letting us have so much fun:)


A visit to *Roots* by Cica Ghost


Happy New Year 2016!!

While Fiona was looking for headache pills and drinking fresh melted snow to try and recover from her New Years Bash,  your faithful explorer Whims  was traipsing fashionably around the grid,  undaunted by the number 16,  fearlessly and quite probably lost…  until ….

Huge thanks to Owl for throwing us the link to Cica Ghost’s newest creation, which opened on December 27th and is called *Roots*.

Cica has created  a Naive art sim with surreal dreamlike creations with a combination of playfulness and darkness,  enhanced by the moody wind light on the sim. Its a fantastic sim for giggly exploring, with some fun interactive elements.

We have made a few pictures to show you,  however this is really a place to be immersed in and to spend some time..  we highly recommend that you do!

Roots by Cica Ghost_006

Posing with the classic Cica character

Roots by Cica Ghost_002.png

The *Roots*  sim with the moody wind light

Roots by Cica Ghost_009

Fiona checking if she had undies on

Roots by Cica Ghost_010

The Crow had no undies on!

There is still time…

…to visit the Fantasy Faire 2015.

13 well made and worth-a-visit-sims packed with colour, shops and beauty! Whims and I have taken little outings and there is much to see, but we liked the underwater worlds in particular.

Poseidon fantasy faire_001

Fairelands junction fantasy faire_001 Fairelands junction fantasy faire_002 Poseidon fantasy faire_007

Here is all information you need with LM:s and all.

And yes this is a lazy blog post.

But it’s still a blog post!

Lot’s of luuurve/Fiona




Hanging out with Whims

Hanging out with Fi

We started out with the intention of buying a statue to put our intan dance ball in. But as always when you set out exploring with Whims, you end up doing something completely different!




Whims from above

We found to our happy surprise that the statue exhibition Whims found was the Ocho tango sim that has had a big makeover. The open space wilderness has partly been replaced by a shallow water showing the art of the fantastically talented Mistero Hifeng, who makes incredible and tasteful statues.

Whims managed to capture some of them here:

Statues _011

Statues _007Statues _004

We strongly recommend you to do like Whims: Use the region wind light which is carefully chosen to make the most of the statues, and it also changes as you move around the sim to give you different atmospheres.

The sim is dedicated to tango and the old dance hall, or “milonga” is still there in the middle of beautiful grassy environments, and the radio still plays wonderful tango hits from different times. The place is very romantic and full of nice cuddles. A couple of friends celebrated their wedding here, a quiet ceremony only for themselves. So take your beloved or a new hot date for a exploring tour in this beautiful place, you will not be disappointed and you will have plenty of “talk pieces” if you need some help with your convo:)

Mistero Hifengs sculptures can also be seen at the LEA29 sim.

Cuddle festival

I took Whims for exploring and it turned out to be a romantic cuddle festival at the beautiful Eclectica sim. (I found it in the SL news feed)

Exploring Eclectica arty pic

Whims: Gottya!

Me: *smiles*

Whims: I want one, pretty pretty please!

Exploring Eclectica Dnacing_001

Me: Uff, no more of these fattening toasts in front of your computer honey!!

Exploring Eclectica Fiona sleeping_001

Me: Traveling with Whims is exhausting!

Exploring Eclectica Whims pestering a rabbit_001

Whims: More, more more!!!

Happy easter holidays all of you!!

Love love love Whi/Fi