We’re part of the art!

There are few things that impress me more than people that can do imaginative art and use the possibilities of SL to the fullest. Bryn Oh is one of those fantastic artists that can completely blow your mind here. Whims and I went to the recently opened “Lobby cam” by Bryn Oh the other day and had a lovely time chasing each other around the sim to find all little scattered pieces of paper that you can collect to a story that tells about loneliness, longing and what more Whims?



She’s busy with her art at the moment! She will be exhibiting at The living room and there is no talking with her while she’s fixing all candles, steps, grass and what have you… We’ll be back with proper invitations later…

I lost my track here, sorry about that.

I didn’t take any photo’s at the exhibition since that would pretty much be an insult to the lovely immersive art you will experience if you go there!

Please go visit Bryn Ohs installation here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immersiva/15/102/22

Read more about it here:


And have a preview here:

Lots of luurve from your Fiona, currently trying to avoid getting hit by flying objects while Whims is building her exhibition…