The story of the Universe

..and some language nerdifications! I love listening to different accent. In my own language I am pretty good at spotting where people come from. English is a bit more tricky! But I love to try to separate accent and see if I can spot them or learn more about them. I guess the first thing your start with is separating british english from american english. Our broadcasting in Sweden has lots to offer in both so that is not very hard to catch.

Then moving over to the lovely indian accents, the australians, the southafricans and caribbeans. Those are not that hard either. But I refuse to stop there! Next step for me was to spot irish and scotish accents in general and now when I have faint hint of it it’s time to see if I can separate also accents within England!

What has this to do with the story of the Universe, I can hear you ask. Oh but please!! The extremely cute professor Brian Cox!!! I’m just saying!! Whims, get me a glass of water or I’ll faint! Just listen to his language!! It’s beautiful! Oh and if you play the video once more you will also catch the story of the Universe brilliantly told! (I had to play it three times before I could concentrate on what he says, not only how.

A close SL friend enlightened me and said prof. Cox comes from Lanchashire. I also got this link from the same friend, showing a rougher version of the accent. Brian Cox must have polished his language whilst studying the stars, probably laying on an Oxford green grass with a beautiful 20 year old laying next to him… Sighs loud.

Adding some curiosity from my own language for your amusement:)



”You should totally write a blog!” I said to Whims one day when she was prancing before me in one of her more splendid outfits, going on about some meshy talk she had with some of SL:s more famous creators. She blushed as she has the habit to do when things excites her and I knew I had her! But since I am not only a loving, caring friend but also not very keen on standing in the background, I told her I would join her in her scribbling efforts. And that’s usually how it works with us… We share ideas and when we do, they usually turn out to be even wilder ideas about projects we should ”totally do” and after some booze and cuddling we can get half a project started if we are lucky…


(The picture taken at my wonderful friend CK:s sim at an egg hunt last easter.)

So here we are and I won’t believe my eyes until we get it all running. I hope it will be a bumpy ride and that you, dear readers, will take an active part in it. Since I’ve done a bit of blogging before at Commune Utopia, I know that the most wonderful gift you can get as a blogger is COMMENTS! So let’s start talking peeps!

Since Whims has been commenting on me being horribly serious, I will start by showing you this hilarious video from the wild and crazy Ylvis brothers from Norway. It’s all subtitled in english and plays with language in the most intelligent and hilarious way. Please enjoy!

Lots of looove/Fiona