The forest beyond

Here’s a little report from our friend CK:s wonderful art sim.

Forrest Walk - 1

CK was lucky enough to have a LEA-sim at her disposal last autumn. It was a wonderful experiment with watercolour paintings that you could walk through.

forrest Walk - 3

Now she has developed the idea further (possibly inspired by doing fairytale wanderings with the storyteller Caledonia Skytower) and created a whole story at her own sim. It’s called The forest beyond and you find it here.

It’s a cute story about pixies and fairies and easy to follow, you just click little stones that says “story” and you will get the text. Whims and I had a lot of fun reading it in voice to each other and walking around in the beautiful watercolour landscape.

forrest Walk - 6

And Whims took all the adorable pictures of course:)

We hope you will have the possibility to explore this sim. It’s wonderfully creative and CK has put down a lot of work on it. Thank you CK for letting us visit!


Hugs from Fiona and Whims

Commune Utopia in the world

A couple of weeks ago the Burning sim invited people to come compete in building. Our favorite hang out place “Commune Utopia” under the management of our beautiful and creative friend Sediwild decided to participate and we were of course very thrilled when we  won! Since Sedi is a very community-minded person she decided to invite a group of contributors to help her build. I am happy to tell that also me and Whims built a small part of it. We made a childish pirate-room. (The idea coming from this picture by Whims)

So what happened was that the prize for winning the contest was to get the whole sim for one month to create anything on. Also here Sedi went very generous letting all the commune people help out to do it. The building is still in progress, but please come visit the world seen through the members of the commune. (LM)

Whims did some snapshots so you’ll get a taste of what’s waiting you in the commune Birthday sim:

Each part of the sim is representing aspects of the global community represented within Commune Utopia – see if you can guess which areas each image refers to.






(Hint:  If you capture Fi, and hold her upside down,  I have tattooed the correct answers on the soles of her feet when she was sleeping).

Oh, and yes, our pirate skybox is still out there. From it you have access also to the other lovely skyboxes through the small red magic door.

Even more beginnings!

I know! I totally should write a blog! But I am such a procrastinator!

And shy!

Anyway, here it is, my first Whimsical post and I think I might talk about a beautiful sim that Alice told us about. Its at FairCrest, created by Sajiah Viper, and is an island holding a pretty and water-filled outdoor area, and a manor sitting up on a hill.

The landing spot is in an arcade of pretty archways down near the water, so that one must walk a pathway over bridges, and then up a winding, torch lit stair (one of the loveliest outdoor stairways I have seen so far in SL, I must say) to arrive at the manor.

Just a small aside –  I must also mention here that Fiona considers me to be ‘shopping addicted’ Pfft!  Apparently I am “she of the loose purse”, and I frequently have had to resort to hiding fat-packs and furniture, or simply avoid wearing new shoes or outfits lest I be further called to account  for my occasional minor, quiet forays through the malls of second life.

Please keep that in mind as we progress!

On entering the manor, one discovers a wonderful decor – Sajiah  has assembled an eclectic mix of objects, and so artfully arranged them in wonderful tableau, filling corners, hall ends, and whole rooms. The interior walls are often sprouting trees and vines are seen dangling from ceilings, giving the entire manor interior a rich organic feeling.

So – what do you think Fiona did on first entering this beautiful artistic environment?  Click click click “ooh..  its from there!  We can get it on marketplace”  click click click   “We need one of those in our lounge!”  click click click ….

Not that I can blame Fiona really! I was a willing accomplice as we shamelessly plundered the hard work of Sajiah, inspecting, tracking down and acquiring some of the objects from her gorgeous sim.

I take pictures a lot, and I did shoot a series of pictures out in Sajiah’s sim – so I shall include one here, although it does not show the sim – haha – oh well.

Dragonfly Dreaming

FairCrest, created by Sajiah Viper,  Highly Recommended  for a visit, however it is a private Sim so we are asked to be respectful. Fiona! Stop Clicking!

I did it! My first post!  *runs over to Fiona beaming*