Hanging out with Whims

Hanging out with Fi

We started out with the intention of buying a statue to put our intan dance ball in. But as always when you set out exploring with Whims, you end up doing something completely different!




Whims from above

We found to our happy surprise that the statue exhibition Whims found was the Ocho tango sim that has had a big makeover. The open space wilderness has partly been replaced by a shallow water showing the art of the fantastically talented Mistero Hifeng, who makes incredible and tasteful statues.

Whims managed to capture some of them here:

Statues _011

Statues _007Statues _004

We strongly recommend you to do like Whims: Use the region wind light which is carefully chosen to make the most of the statues, and it also changes as you move around the sim to give you different atmospheres.

The sim is dedicated to tango and the old dance hall, or “milonga” is still there in the middle of beautiful grassy environments, and the radio still plays wonderful tango hits from different times. The place is very romantic and full of nice cuddles. A couple of friends celebrated their wedding here, a quiet ceremony only for themselves. So take your beloved or a new hot date for a exploring tour in this beautiful place, you will not be disappointed and you will have plenty of “talk pieces” if you need some help with your convo:)

Mistero Hifengs sculptures can also be seen at the LEA29 sim.

Cuddle festival

I took Whims for exploring and it turned out to be a romantic cuddle festival at the beautiful Eclectica sim. (I found it in the SL news feed)

Exploring Eclectica arty pic

Whims: Gottya!

Me: *smiles*

Whims: I want one, pretty pretty please!

Exploring Eclectica Dnacing_001

Me: Uff, no more of these fattening toasts in front of your computer honey!!

Exploring Eclectica Fiona sleeping_001

Me: Traveling with Whims is exhausting!

Exploring Eclectica Whims pestering a rabbit_001

Whims: More, more more!!!

Happy easter holidays all of you!!

Love love love Whi/Fi