Scallivant [‘skælı,vænt]: vb. All actions performed between midnight and dawn by two girls determined to have an epic girls night out in second life. In other words those things you reflect on while doing the “walk of shame” home in the morning.

 Scallivanting is Presented by   Fiona Hildrum  &   Whimsical Aristocrat.

Fiona Profile

Fiona has the soul of a hippie and the heart of an explorer. “SL has been such a fabulous adventure for me (2,5 years now) and I can’t stop talking about what we do and how we do it. I try to find all kinds of possibilities to discuss things with people and exchange ideas. I think of SL as a wonderful opportunity to develop myself and my thoughts. Through the world of imagination I get to know parts of myself I didn’t even know I had. I will probably write most about music, SL relations, food and all kinds of creativity in the blog.”


Whims is only loosely connected to reality, and while she has acquired many practical SL skills, she mostly wanders about and talks, cuddles, dances and takes photographs. “My SL is littered with unfinished projects, but in most cases I’m completely at home with that mess. I could be described as an accident seeking a likely location, and it is through the many happy accidents in SL that I find new friends and new interests.” Whims has no idea what she will blog about, but it may include photography, fashion, cuddles, mesh, gadgets, love and laughter, in no particular order. 



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