The forest beyond

Here’s a little report from our friend CK:s wonderful art sim.

Forrest Walk - 1

CK was lucky enough to have a LEA-sim at her disposal last autumn. It was a wonderful experiment with watercolour paintings that you could walk through.

forrest Walk - 3

Now she has developed the idea further (possibly inspired by doing fairytale wanderings with the storyteller Caledonia Skytower) and created a whole story at her own sim. It’s called The forest beyond and you find it here.

It’s a cute story about pixies and fairies and easy to follow, you just click little stones that says “story” and you will get the text. Whims and I had a lot of fun reading it in voice to each other and walking around in the beautiful watercolour landscape.

forrest Walk - 6

And Whims took all the adorable pictures of course:)

We hope you will have the possibility to explore this sim. It’s wonderfully creative and CK has put down a lot of work on it. Thank you CK for letting us visit!


Hugs from Fiona and Whims