Admission and exploring

We’ve been baaaad…. RL has caught us and we’ve been busy with “other stuff”.  Whims has done her lovely art as usual! (Check it out here). And me I’ve been, Ive been erhm… *scratches head*, oh never mind. We’re back! And that’s what is important!

A nice way to do exploring is “You first and then me”. So we did that and Whims started out by showing me one of the sims she’s been doing some cool pics in and I was astounded by the fantastic creativity and interpretation of a poem that we truly enjoyed! The sim is called “Invictus” and for all of you, more literary schooled than us, it’s a familiar title of a poem by William Earnest Henley. (Oh I can without shame blame my scandinavian upbringing, I had enough work keeping up with OUR classics, but Whims… What can she say poor girl…)


The sim is a castle with lots of interesting nooks and crannies to explore. It’s also fun to go for a row. I let Whims do all the hard work with the oars (nice animations that actually follows how you move with the arrow keys quite well) while I was enjoying the nice view of her cute butt from behind, listening to her steady “oh hey, and ho” while getting her smooth muscles to work. We also decided it’s the perfect place for a Halloween party! (I hope the creator will not get completely invaded on halloween now for us saying this…)

I’ll let the pictures talk for themselves now. Oh, yes! Storm von Hell (storm.septimus) is the wonderful talent that put all this together for us all to enjoy and the sim is easy to find as LEA25 in a search. (Click the pictures to get them bigger (or get a new pair of specs…))


Overview of the sim.

Row your boat

Whims rowing as if her life depended on it….

Fi admires Whims dancing

Fi admiring Whims dancing and planning Halloween party!


Kneel to the Exploring Queen and Princess!

Thank you Storm von Hell for putting this beautiful place together and letting us have so much fun:)


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