A visit to *Roots* by Cica Ghost


Happy New Year 2016!!

While Fiona was looking for headache pills and drinking fresh melted snow to try and recover from her New Years Bash,  your faithful explorer Whims  was traipsing fashionably around the grid,  undaunted by the number 16,  fearlessly and quite probably lost…  until ….

Huge thanks to Owl for throwing us the link to Cica Ghost’s newest creation, which opened on December 27th and is called *Roots*.

Cica has created  a Naive art sim with surreal dreamlike creations with a combination of playfulness and darkness,  enhanced by the moody wind light on the sim. Its a fantastic sim for giggly exploring, with some fun interactive elements.

We have made a few pictures to show you,  however this is really a place to be immersed in and to spend some time..  we highly recommend that you do!

Roots by Cica Ghost_006

Posing with the classic Cica character

Roots by Cica Ghost_002.png

The *Roots*  sim with the moody wind light

Roots by Cica Ghost_009

Fiona checking if she had undies on

Roots by Cica Ghost_010

The Crow had no undies on!