Commune Utopia in the world

A couple of weeks ago the Burning sim invited people to come compete in building. Our favorite hang out place “Commune Utopia” under the management of our beautiful and creative friend Sediwild decided to participate and we were of course very thrilled when we  won! Since Sedi is a very community-minded person she decided to invite a group of contributors to help her build. I am happy to tell that also me and Whims built a small part of it. We made a childish pirate-room. (The idea coming from this picture by Whims)

So what happened was that the prize for winning the contest was to get the whole sim for one month to create anything on. Also here Sedi went very generous letting all the commune people help out to do it. The building is still in progress, but please come visit the world seen through the members of the commune. (LM)

Whims did some snapshots so you’ll get a taste of what’s waiting you in the commune Birthday sim:

Each part of the sim is representing aspects of the global community represented within Commune Utopia – see if you can guess which areas each image refers to.






(Hint:  If you capture Fi, and hold her upside down,  I have tattooed the correct answers on the soles of her feet when she was sleeping).

Oh, and yes, our pirate skybox is still out there. From it you have access also to the other lovely skyboxes through the small red magic door.