I am DJ Fiona

…and I just loooove it!

It’s a blast and a joy to see all cute avatars bounce around to the music I have chosen and I am always aware of the fact that I am playing music for people from all over the world! I’m still fascinated by this fact. And the best is of course to get responses from the audience! My favourite response is ”Oh, I love this tune, it makes me think of this artist, have you heard her/him?” I have got so many new music tips and heard so much new and wonderful music since I started visiting SL. Musical exchange is one of the best things in my SL life.


A music program should have a nice structure I believe. I love to listen to lots of music and see how and in which order I should put them together to create a nice dynamic ”curve” over a couple of hours. It’s about kicking people off and then help them to get back together after a ride in a new music landscape. Hopefully one they haven’t been to before, I like to surprise and challenge! And hopefully they would like to return and listen again, that’s my vision with every session I do.


Last night I played at the Commune Utopia and here are a couple of the bands I played:

Looking for more interesting music outside the mainstream? Try this link that I found on Sunvibes website:


Lots of luuurve/Your Fiona

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