My Mesh Crisis

I want easy Alpha!!!  

I want to be able to change my shirt and not have my boobs poking out for 5 minutes while I hide around a corner somewhere fiddling with the alpha HUD on my mesh body!

I have asked – honestly, I asked over at Physique – I posted it in a flicker item and waved it about the place, I mentioned it in letters and as blog comments…  I really thought everyone would just say,  yeah yeah, thats a no brainer, we’ll do it soon!

Its been months now! As Winter has progressed through the Northern Hemisphere, SL Hospitals and crisis centres have been overflowing with cases of frost-bite around the nipples!

“What is this, some new fetish?”

I overheard one Dr saying. No!  Its the freaking mesh bodies making us all stand around knee deep in snow while trying to set the alpha settings one bit at a time, teeth chattering, mouse shaking  ….

Enough is enough! I have given myself a crash course in scripting and building, and have come up with what I believe is a very good solution. But I’m blonde, and small, and after all, whimsical, so I can’t put it here!

So I wrote it down and put it in a document Meshing About – A Mesh Alpha Memory Object and you will find that it describes in stunning detail (takes a small, whimsical bow) a solution for loading and saving mesh body alphas that allows us to use them in a very similar way to using the alpha layers supplied for mesh garments on classic avatars.

Please, mesh body makers, read this,  improve on it, make it yours, but whatever you do, please give it to us so we can all have a much better, warmer Second Life!

Yours in desperation, Whims

(who is recovering slowly but still has chattering teeth)

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