I am DJ Fiona

…and I just loooove it!

It’s a blast and a joy to see all cute avatars bounce around to the music I have chosen and I am always aware of the fact that I am playing music for people from all over the world! I’m still fascinated by this fact. And the best is of course to get responses from the audience! My favourite response is ”Oh, I love this tune, it makes me think of this artist, have you heard her/him?” I have got so many new music tips and heard so much new and wonderful music since I started visiting SL. Musical exchange is one of the best things in my SL life.


A music program should have a nice structure I believe. I love to listen to lots of music and see how and in which order I should put them together to create a nice dynamic ”curve” over a couple of hours. It’s about kicking people off and then help them to get back together after a ride in a new music landscape. Hopefully one they haven’t been to before, I like to surprise and challenge! And hopefully they would like to return and listen again, that’s my vision with every session I do.


Last night I played at the Commune Utopia and here are a couple of the bands I played:

Looking for more interesting music outside the mainstream? Try this link that I found on Sunvibes website:


Lots of luuurve/Your Fiona

My Mesh Crisis

I want easy Alpha!!!  

I want to be able to change my shirt and not have my boobs poking out for 5 minutes while I hide around a corner somewhere fiddling with the alpha HUD on my mesh body!

I have asked – honestly, I asked over at Physique – I posted it in a flicker item and waved it about the place, I mentioned it in letters and as blog comments…  I really thought everyone would just say,  yeah yeah, thats a no brainer, we’ll do it soon!

Its been months now! As Winter has progressed through the Northern Hemisphere, SL Hospitals and crisis centres have been overflowing with cases of frost-bite around the nipples!

“What is this, some new fetish?”

I overheard one Dr saying. No!  Its the freaking mesh bodies making us all stand around knee deep in snow while trying to set the alpha settings one bit at a time, teeth chattering, mouse shaking  ….

Enough is enough! I have given myself a crash course in scripting and building, and have come up with what I believe is a very good solution. But I’m blonde, and small, and after all, whimsical, so I can’t put it here!

So I wrote it down and put it in a document Meshing About – A Mesh Alpha Memory Object and you will find that it describes in stunning detail (takes a small, whimsical bow) a solution for loading and saving mesh body alphas that allows us to use them in a very similar way to using the alpha layers supplied for mesh garments on classic avatars.

Please, mesh body makers, read this,  improve on it, make it yours, but whatever you do, please give it to us so we can all have a much better, warmer Second Life!

Yours in desperation, Whims

(who is recovering slowly but still has chattering teeth)

Beirut café lambs steak

Sunday afternoon, me and Whims laying spread across our sofa unable to move or get up. Yesterday night had been a ramble and a scramble… I only remember that I managed to pull us both together and get back home before we passed out in our bed. I looked at my love laying there looking less than fresh and smelling even worse. Suddenly I vaguely remembered a find I had made in our local grocery store the other day and I couldn’t help but shouting out: “Lamb’s meat, you need lamb’s meat Whims!” She jerked and gave me a crosseyed stare. “As if I didn’t have enough of that yesterday!” I laughed, “I mean real lamb now Whims! I’ll cook for you.” As she usually trusts me in the kitchen area she didn’t protest and this was what I did with the pieces of lamb steak I found in our fridge:

I smeared them with the Beirut café spicemix (see recipe down below), some olive oil and a sprinkle of white vinegar (mostly because I had no wine available, odd thing, we must have had it all yesterday…). I let them soak for as long as it takes for Whims to make my profile pic and have a look at my Swedish snowflakes outside my windows, most likely a couple of hours, and then I fried them in a pan with some butter. When they were almost done I put some water and soy sauce in the pan, had it cook violently for 2 min before I added one garlic clove from the dish below that I mashed with a fork, some cream and a dollop of black currant jelly.


To go with them I filled a tray with pieces, roughly cut, of potatoes, carrots, onions, cauliflower and some peeled cloves of garlic. I sprinkled it generously with olive oil, put salt and pepper on it and baked it for 35 min in 225°C. When five minutes remained I added some crumbles of goat cheese.


I can tell you Whims looked a lot better after she had a portion of this, and her happy face while diving in to her overfilled plate made me smile broadly and thank my creative food mind.


The Beirut café mix is rather strong when freshly made, but the longer you have had it the less it will taste, that’s good to remember. Also the different spices loose taste with different speed, so my rather old mix had a sort of new taste, but was still very good! Oh, yes the recipe for the spice mix is here:


Beirut café spice mix (taken from a book about Lebanese food called Beirut café)

1 part cardamom seeds

2 parts white peppercorns

8 parts black peppercorns

2 parts grounded cinnamon

1 part grounded nutmeg

2 parts dried ginger

4 parts cloves


Grind all spices to a powder and mix them. Keep in a jar with a tight lid to preserve the taste. (I made it 1 part = 1 teaspoon)


This spice is also WONDERFUL for barbequing! You take for about 800gr lamb steak cut in chunks


2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon Beirut spice mix

1 teaspoon bell pepper powder

2 tablespoons olive oil


Let it all marinate at least 2 hours (or over night) and grill it slowly over open fire. Eat with things like olives, feta cheese, aivar and a nice couscous or bulgur salad. Why don’t we make a party with this Whims?


Awww, she fell asleep..

Even more beginnings!

I know! I totally should write a blog! But I am such a procrastinator!

And shy!

Anyway, here it is, my first Whimsical post and I think I might talk about a beautiful sim that Alice told us about. Its at FairCrest, created by Sajiah Viper, and is an island holding a pretty and water-filled outdoor area, and a manor sitting up on a hill.

The landing spot is in an arcade of pretty archways down near the water, so that one must walk a pathway over bridges, and then up a winding, torch lit stair (one of the loveliest outdoor stairways I have seen so far in SL, I must say) to arrive at the manor.

Just a small aside –  I must also mention here that Fiona considers me to be ‘shopping addicted’ Pfft!  Apparently I am “she of the loose purse”, and I frequently have had to resort to hiding fat-packs and furniture, or simply avoid wearing new shoes or outfits lest I be further called to account  for my occasional minor, quiet forays through the malls of second life.

Please keep that in mind as we progress!

On entering the manor, one discovers a wonderful decor – Sajiah  has assembled an eclectic mix of objects, and so artfully arranged them in wonderful tableau, filling corners, hall ends, and whole rooms. The interior walls are often sprouting trees and vines are seen dangling from ceilings, giving the entire manor interior a rich organic feeling.

So – what do you think Fiona did on first entering this beautiful artistic environment?  Click click click “ooh..  its from there!  We can get it on marketplace”  click click click   “We need one of those in our lounge!”  click click click ….

Not that I can blame Fiona really! I was a willing accomplice as we shamelessly plundered the hard work of Sajiah, inspecting, tracking down and acquiring some of the objects from her gorgeous sim.

I take pictures a lot, and I did shoot a series of pictures out in Sajiah’s sim – so I shall include one here, although it does not show the sim – haha – oh well.

Dragonfly Dreaming

FairCrest, created by Sajiah Viper,  Highly Recommended  for a visit, however it is a private Sim so we are asked to be respectful. Fiona! Stop Clicking!

I did it! My first post!  *runs over to Fiona beaming*





”You should totally write a blog!” I said to Whims one day when she was prancing before me in one of her more splendid outfits, going on about some meshy talk she had with some of SL:s more famous creators. She blushed as she has the habit to do when things excites her and I knew I had her! But since I am not only a loving, caring friend but also not very keen on standing in the background, I told her I would join her in her scribbling efforts. And that’s usually how it works with us… We share ideas and when we do, they usually turn out to be even wilder ideas about projects we should ”totally do” and after some booze and cuddling we can get half a project started if we are lucky…


(The picture taken at my wonderful friend CK:s sim at an egg hunt last easter.)

So here we are and I won’t believe my eyes until we get it all running. I hope it will be a bumpy ride and that you, dear readers, will take an active part in it. Since I’ve done a bit of blogging before at Commune Utopia, I know that the most wonderful gift you can get as a blogger is COMMENTS! So let’s start talking peeps!

Since Whims has been commenting on me being horribly serious, I will start by showing you this hilarious video from the wild and crazy Ylvis brothers from Norway. It’s all subtitled in english and plays with language in the most intelligent and hilarious way. Please enjoy!


Lots of looove/Fiona